Kirsty & Rob – Pre wedding shoot

Myself, Kirsty and Rob have been waiting for a few weeks now for some good weather to come around whilst we were all free and yesterday was that day. 

I headed over to one of the most beautiful parts of our south coast, Lulworth and Durdledoor in Dorset for our pre wedding shoot. The perfect opportunity to break the ice and remove that awkwardness in front of the camera which we all know is impossible to photoshop out. 

Pulling up to their little farm house cottage I instantly had house envy just purely based on the silence, all that could be heard was the wind passing through the tall pine trees. 

Rob was clearly uncomfortable to start with in front of the camera but his banter powered him through and I found putting him in some really cheesy posses to start with broke the ice.

We jumped in the car and headed past Lulworth castle and up the mammoth hill to Durdledoor. By this point most tourists had left and was just a few landscape photographers milling about hoping for the same sunset I was after.

Sadly that was mostly blocked by some dark cloud but that didn’t stop us from capturing some gorgeous images. 

I’m now super excited for their big day and a part of me is a little gutted I have to wait till next year. I can only anticipate how amazing this wedding day will be if I measure it against the affection, banter and love these two have for each other it might just be the wedding of the year.

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