James and Zoe

Little did I know meeting James back in 2012 when I helped him shoot his album cover for Sea to City would it see me shooting his wedding this weekend. My self and James become good friends after working together on his album cover but a lot has changed since then James is still a stunning musician a farther and now a husband to the beautiful Zoe.

I caught up with them back in December when James asked me to be there wedding photographer, without any hesitation I agreed and it was the easiest decision I’ve made in my photography career. I had my fingers crossed for a dry day after the down poor the previous day and not forgetting its still mid March and thankfully the weather gods were on are side.

It’s events like this that remind me being a wedding photographer is the best job in the world every wedding is a roller coaster there are tears there are smiles and there is always laughter.

I could not ask for a better way to start the year and every wedding for the rest of 2015 has a lot to live up to.

I’m sure this journey will continue again soon…